COVID-19 update and grooming your pet at home

So most of us are at home with our pets, trying to maintain their coat whilst your groomer is shut due to the lockdown. Many of you have been in touch asking for advice on how to groom at home, and we would encourage you to continue to do this as if we can help we will.

One area that you could try to trim are around the feet and in between the toes, brush hair backwards and trim from behind the feet, scissors pointing away from the legs so if your dog moves his leg forward there will be no nasty accidents! If you choose to trim nails at home please be careful and try to use a nail trimmer with a safety gate on, these are available from pet shops or from amazon / online stores.

The face is another area that can be helped by trimming around the eyes, please make sure again that scissors are pointed away from the eyes.

Finally, brushing your dog regularly will help with removing debris and also help to bond, if they don’t like it choose a very soft brush to start, then move onto a soft slicker brush and comb.

We have soft slicker brushes for sale as well as dog soap, ear cleaner, paw wax, anti flea powder (which also keeps the coat clean) at the salon. I am happy to send them out to you please get in touch. And most importantly keep safe. See you soon.

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