About Us

Who We Are

Top to Tail offers friendly and professional dog and cat grooming. We are based in Holcombe which is in easy reach of Bath, Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Frome, and many surrounding villages such as Coleford, Chilcompton & Stratton and the Fosse.

I am qualified and experienced in handling and grooming dogs & cats, as well as salon cleanliness and aim to provide the best service possible. I am customer orientated and will work with you to agree the best treatment for your pet. We aim to provide a service that compliments the care you give to your pet at home. We are also fully insured.

Your dog or cat will have the same pet groomer every time they visit the salon. This is best for your pet and helps him or her feel secure in the environment while also giving you peace of mind. It is a quiet salon which helps both energetic and excitable or nervous dogs and cats.

If you wish to discuss your pet’s hair treatment or requirements please contact me, I am always delighted to help.

What to Expect

Professional Service

I am a qualified pet groomer (C&G Level 3), and work to provide affordable services that you and your pet deserve.

Genuine Care

As a life long pet owner, I understand the relationship people have with their pets. Keeping your dog or cat in a regular grooming routine will help with the overall health of your pet. Additionally, a free health check is provided with every groom.

Traditional & Unique

The salon practices both traditional hairstyles as well as exploring new methods such as ‘Asian Fusion’- see photos in our gallery.

What Happens After You Bring Your Pet to the Salon?

Consultations are free, these always take place prior to your dog being groomed.

We initially have a conversation with you which involves agreeing the trim, the cost and time it is likely to take. It is better for your pet if s/he is left with me during the groom, this is because the emotional attachment dogs have to their owner can complicate the grooming process:

  • I make sure that your pet is comfortable. Sometimes this means a walk around the garden, other dogs need verbal reassurance.
  • The dog is prepared for a bath – this involves removal of knots, a skin and hair assessment to make sure the right shampoo is used, a thorough brush and comb through.
  • Hair is removed from hand stripped breeds at this stage.
  • Your dog has a bath in warm water and is massaged throughout the shampooing and conditioning process.
  • Drying in warm air whilst being gently brushed (no cage drying is used).
  • Nails are trimmed, ears are cleaned if needed. Hair is removed from under the feet and between the toes.
  • Trimming the coat is undertaken; this is with a clipper or scissors (depending on what we have agreed).
  • Your dog will have regular breaks in a grassed designated garden throughout the groom.

Nervous, Anxious or Frightened?

We are keen to work with you to help your pet have a better experience. Muzzles are very rarely used, and when they are, they are used only for short periods to ensure safety. We believe that nurturing & reassuring your pet will increase their confidence. We always work with you and your dog for a more consistent experience.