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Useful Online Shop Selling Natural Flea Treatments as well as Treats for You.

Top to Tail has its own handmade products especially designed for your pets, we use these in the salon regularly. We have a herbal and all natural Anti Flea Dry Shampoo (see the pic below), this is made from all natural ingredients and can be used safely at home, on dogs bedding, carpets and floors to rid your pet and your home of fleas. Leaves your pet and home smelling lovely!
Also available is a range of shampoo bars, all of which are made from scratch from natural products. such as organic coconut oil, pomace olive oil, neem, natural butters and essential oils, There is a shampoo that is suitable for all coats (Nourish me Naturally), one that is designed for sensitive and problematic coats (Vexed ) , and a gentle cleansing bar suitable for puppies, kittens and cats, which is unscented yet cleansing
these products are 100% natural, free from parabens and completely biodegradable. These are all available in the salon or online, please click on the link to view the products in my Etsy shop.

Sally Dixon, Laser Pet Therapy

A local lady offering low level Laser Therapy. This is a good solution to healing soft tissue wounds, ongoing problems such as arthritic pain. My own dog has had some sessions with Sally and I would say it has made the world of difference. She is now able to walk without any problems.
Sally offers an assessment and treatment in your own home or here at Top to Tail Salon. Please see this link for more information –

Pet Portraits & Art

We have access to a local artist who does fabulous work, please ask for details.

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October 2020!

We all seem to have made it to October in this strange covid climate! We appear to be coping quite well with keeping appointments going and socially distancing to keep you and your pets safe. We continue to do this and would ask that no one attends for an appointment if you have symptoms. We… Continue reading October 2020!


So we are still very much in the COVID pandemic, and whilst we do our pets continue to need grooming regularly. Our wonderful responsible customers continue to bring their pets regularly and we are very grateful for that. To reassure you all, customers still arrive at the gate and we hand over in the space between gates to minimise contact between us and our customers, we are regularly cleaning the salon and not allowing dogs from different households to make contact (this is standard), and we are supplying a pet safe spray to treat your pets on the way out of the salon as well as hand gel for our customers. All of our equipment is placed in a UV steriliser following use. We are working hard to make sure that you, your pets and us remain safe whilst in our care. Thank you for your continued support.

New news is that we are now doing a lot more teeth cleaning – please see our page

24th August 2020